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Rowan - Sorbus aucuparia Interesting

Rowan - Sorbus aucuparia

The rowan, common name for sorbus, belonging to the Rosaceae family, is a medium-sized tree native to northern Europe and spread spontaneously in our country. The sorbus genus features white flowers in clusters as well as bunched berries with bright hues, from red, orange, yellow and brown, each containing multiple seeds.

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Orchid garden memory planter Information

Orchid garden memory planter

Planter with two Dendrobium orchid stems and variegated ivy, lined with green reindeer moss · Can be sent to the home of friends, family members or business. Keepsake Photo Box Garden Replace Light Fixture, Orchids Garden, Garden Boxes, Dining Set. flowers. FLOWERS Orchid Garden Memory Planter.

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Tree and fruit identification Information

Tree and fruit identification

Most trees can be identified by the fruit they grow--but not all fruit is the kind you find at a grocery store. Nuts, pine cones and seed pods are all kinds. Orange-ball-tree 9. Fruit color. Black/blue/purple, Brown/maroon, Green, Red/Pink, White, Yellow/orange. Fruit shape.

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Horticulture vs botnsy Information

Horticulture vs botnsy

› garden-how-to › design › professional. Most horticulturists are involved in growing plants and maintaining plantations. On the other end, botanists are mainly inclined to research and.

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